Judi H. - Eclectic Entertainment

I have been photographing weddings for eight years and I have been fortunate enough to do my work in a plethora of fun and interesting places - beaches, amusement parks, in the woods, and in one bride's backyard, to name a few. No matter the situation, I strive to be organized, prepared and quick to problem-solve. Whether it be in finding a great location indoors when it is raining outside, corralling a rambunctious and fun-loving wedding party or by being the couple's eyes and ears in order to capture all of the beautiful and exciting events of the day's celebration. I make every effort to be patient and respectful with anyone who is allowing me to photograph them, as I understand how intimate a portrait can be an endeavor to be kind and unobtrusive. I feel truly honored to take someone's photo and live for capturing all of the unique and loving moments between couples, families, and friends throughout a wedding day. Photography is my passion. When I least realize I'm showing it- friends, guests and couples call out and thank me for my devotion and excitement. I feel proud to have found my joy in life and to be pursuing it wholeheartedly.